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Here are many reasons, why Arvind Institutions fits your need for the perfect career option.

Nursing is offered by many institutions across India, but not many give you the hands-on experience for your perfect career goals. Arvind Institutions is a platform for a global standard of education in the health industry. Not only we focus on delivering expert training but also emphasize on providing the students with real-life scenarios to adopt a better learning approach.


Culturally Driven

A place for all round development of students. We promote the cooperative spirit, developing leadership qualities, increasing social contact, and encouraging professional and recreational activities.

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Recognized as the biggest library for Nursing colleges across Karnataka. Now follow your passion with the best references across the world to lead you in this career-journey.

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Not many institutes cares about their student’s concerns. But we are different, now avail answers to all your question with our 24*7 Help Line.

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Chancellor's Message

Words from Roy Arabindu Bikash, Founder of Arvind Institutions.

Dear parents and students,

Esteemed Greetings. Being an educationist and a parent myself, It is my pleasure to congratulate you on your enrolling yourself as a student in our group of institutions, which are well known for the discipline, quality education and personality development. Our Students have excelled not only in academic activities by obtaining many university ranks, but also have proved their mettle by taking part in circular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Presently, a knowledge explosion is being ushered in to present era especially information technology domain. We are working with a progressive & futuristic vision of India, to bring about paradigm shift in arts, science, engineering & technology which will bring progress and prosperity to our country. We are convinced that character is the crown and glory of life. We believe in quality education, progress through discipline, knowledge through devotion and satisfaction through services to the students-community. We are dedicated to meet the challenges of the new millennium, in the field of medical and technical higher education so as to make our country a highly industrialized and healthy modern nation.Dear parents and students, I am very excited at this opportunity of sharing my thoughts and concerns with you all. I would like to invite your comments and suggestions.


Ranked among the top universities across India, Arvind Institutions have been delivering exemplary results in every stream for more than 15 years now


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What Students Says

I am from a small town in West Bengal. I wanted to become a nurse because of my sister. She is a nurse too. Her nature of caring and nurturing those in need afftected me and made me want to do same. It is not easy being a nurse and i know i will learn it the best at Arvind Institutions.

Hasibur Rahaman Mondal


The town i come from is famous for the flowers that bloom in the spring and are found only there. I feel that flowers can be rare and it adds to their charm. But Nurses should never be in short supply as it is a necessary duty that is essential to society.

Mouli Saha


When I first came to join Vishwabharathi Institutions, all the way to Mysore, i was a bit anxious. This far from my home, I was unsure. But it took only a few days to feel like i was at home. The staff and the faculty have always helped me and you make friends so fast that it feels like a big family. I am learning from the best at the best.

Pallabi Naskar


The best thing about becoming a nurse is that it's a noble profession. This also means it demands a lot of learning and practicing to perfect yourself. This is why i feel lucky to have been a student at Vishwabharathi Institutions. They have the best infrastructure along with most understanding and talented faculty.

Ajij SK


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Here are many reasons, why Arvind Institutions fits your need for the perfect career option.

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